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Eclipse Logo. Tree with the top turned into an eclipse of the sun.

Eclipse VIII

A Midwest Foam Fighting Event 

Sept 5th - 8th 2024

Eclipse has Returned!

       As a plague runs rampant across the lands and realms, our battle grounds, encampments, feast halls and taverns have been closed to us. The days have dragged into months, and a time far too long away from each other. We miss the fighting, the nightlife, the competitions and tournaments, celebration of accomplishments and revelries. But most of all, we miss our community.


- Dates for 2024 are September 5th - 8th! 

- Check back here for updates on the schedule! Thank you for your interest and support! 

Connect with other people who are planning to come out! Share with your friends, see updates, and get excited!!


Information coming soon!




See which of your favorite vendors are coming out! You might even find some new ones to support. 

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