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Eclipse Logo. Tree with the top turned into an eclipse of the sun.

Eclipse VIII

A Midwest Foam Fighting Event 

Sept 5th - 8th 2024

Hail & Welcome!

      We are excited to host space for you again for another event of revelry! The energy of the grandfather tree's spirit has opened the door for adventurers from all over to come fight together, explore stories, and celebrate all that has been accomplished in the past year. Join us this fall for wizard battles, dragon races, and a merry song & drink!


- Preregistration is now live! 

- A general schedule has been posted about what event offerings are on which days! 

- Check back here for updates on the schedule! Thank you for your interest and support! 

Connect with other people who are planning to come out! Share with your friends, see updates, and get excited!!


Preregistration can be found here!

Along with an Event Schedule and additional Information.  




See which of your favorite vendors are coming out! You might even find some new ones to support. 

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